Editorial Board, Salaciousa queer, feminist anti-racist sex magazine.

– Check out also the Salacious advisor on sports kink, queer eyes for straight guys, your GPS as a rogue top, and more.

Editorial Board, Radical Teachera socialist, feminist, and anti-racist journal on the theory and practice of teaching.

– With Shana AgidBeyond the Very Special Guest: Teaching “Trans” Now, no. 92, January 2012.
– With Shana AgidTeaching Beyond “Tolerance”: Educational and Activist Approaches to Undoing “Hate” no. 80, Fall 2007.
– With J. Elizabeth Clark and Leonard Vogt, “Teaching about Gender and Sexuality, nos. 66 and 67, Spring and Summer 2003.
– With Marjorie Feld, “Teaching about Consumption,” no. 55, June 1999.

Criticisma quarterly for literature and the arts.